Guideline for Radon Testing and Mitigation

Radon Testing Methods

Radon testing devices are abundantly available in the market. If you have been one of the users of those devices you have to look closely at the results they have produced after all the test is of no use if the device used to perform the test is not up to the mark. Radon testing devices available at the nearby convenience store are there to be blamed for results going south. You must be very cautious if the result of the test performed by you exceeds 2Pci/L and immediately call for the professional help. The devices used in homes to perform the test are very basic in nature so they do not stand a chance when it comes to competing with professional systems.  Professional companies can install radon testing system more than capably which streamlines the whole process. Actually, when you have professionally conducted and accurate test result it makes the task of dealing with the problem a lot easier.

 radon system installation

What to do with High Radon Level?

After the conducting of the test, the next phase is understanding the results to rectify the problem. Services of a radon specialist must be acquired to complete this phase of the process of radon mitigation. Radon has proven to be bad for human health no matter whatever the level is if one is exposed to it for a considerable amount of time. Lower is the level better it is.  Radon mitigation system must be installed if the level of radon increases 4pci/L. Radon mitigation systems are installed to bring the radon level in tolerance. There are several important steps that must be kept in mind while installing radon mitigation system. First, services of a professional must be acquired to perform whole radon system installation. Second, companies charge different prices for Radon system installation so negotiating for a better price should be done with due diligence.

North Central Radon for Better Results

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How Does System of Installation Work?

It’s a multi-step process to ensure the removal of radon from home environment. Radon originates from the ground so this system sucks it out through holes drilled in the ground using PVC pipes.  Holes are dug in the basement usually and pipes are installed which take the radon towards the roof. Exhaust fans are installed at the pipe end of the roof to help suck radon. Exhaust fans are a must because the movement of radon can’t happen with this. Eventually, radon is released outside of the home. Radon levels should be monitored to ascertain the fact that the installed system is working up to the mark.