What a Dishwasher Does to Your Knives?

It is obvious that the minute you are going to get a dishwasher for yourself, it means that you are giving up yourself on hand-washing for good and forever. Do you know that what a dishwasher does to your Damascus steel knives, here is the explanation for you. Keep this rule always in your mind that not everything should go right in the dishwasher.

Knives are precious and expensive and using a dishwasher for them, it means that you are slowly killing them. Sooner, we will tell you as to how to clean your Damascus steel sword.

How a dishwasher is dangerous for your knives?

  • When your knife will pass through the phase of a wash cycle, then it will both become hot and humid. This heat and humidity aspect will surround your knife. None of the knives want to get hot and humid at the same time. It is because of the high temperature and also because of the moisture given by the use a of dishwasher that a serious damage comes on your knife.
  • Your knife handle and its steel material gets damaged as you are washing it with a dishwasher. Your blade will likely to rust if it is made of carbon steel. If the handle of your knife is made of wood then it will get rust too. Have you ever seen anyone putting their wooden spoons right in the dishwasher, obviously not!
  • As soon as water is going to jet in the dishwasher, your knife will knock in random positions and shall eventually damage its edges. Using a dishwasher, it is one of the quick ways if you want to ruin and damage your knife with your own hands.
  • The worst part is that these ceramic knives are at the greater and bigger risk when gets in contact with a dishwasher. Ceramic knives are so brittle and weak that they fail to tolerate this knock-out cleaning phase. Just a single cycle can chip away their blades or snap them right into two parts.
  • The detergents which are used in the dishwasher, they are more harmful to your knives as compared to the machine itself. These detergents make your knives all dull and discolored.

How to Wash Your Knives?

You can hand-wash your knives in a hot and soapy water. Even hot water is enough for them if you do not have a soapy water. A simple and plain tap water is required and easily pass your knives through a hassle-free cleaning job.

It is expected from you that now you are not going to use a dishwasher while cleaning your knives. You have poured a lot of money while buying knives, so do not waste your money by killing and damaging your knives with your hands. A simple cleaning process is mentioned above. Get a tap water, just a hot water and wash them. No dishwasher or detergent is required for this job. Let us know that bad experienced you had while using the dishwasher for cleaning your knives.