How to Repair Your Leather Upholstery

Furniture with leather upholstery are very popular these days and most of the cars have leather upholstery but unfortunately, most of the people don’t know how to take care of the upholstery especially with leather upholstery that requires special care. But sometimes even though how much we are careful leather upholstery gets damaged. And as we know that leather upholstered furniture cost a little bit of more fortune than the other ones. So one cannot even think of a new one when the old one gets torn off or damaged. Many furniture repair companies offer you the leather upholstery repair and have professionals do it for you. But why spend money on it when you can do it on your own with just a little bit of guidance.

Cleaning and restoration of colour:

Leather upholstery repair also involves its cleaning and removal of any of the stains and it would also be nice to wash it before moving to the further repair process. To clean the upholstery prepare the solution of detergent in the warm water just like you would do for any of the fabric. Not only the detergent but you can also use the leather cleaners to clean the upholstery but it’s better to use the ones specific for leather upholstery. Dip a soft brush in the solution ad starts scrubbing it in circles softly. Don’t apply too much pressure on it, you might damage it more. Make sure to clean each and every part of it because wit out leather upholstery repair process won’t be performed correctly.
Use a little bit of alcohol too and rub it on the whole furniture properly after cleaning. It will give your leather upholstery a little bit of the shine. But before using alcohol use a dry rag to soak off the excess of the material and water left behind. Usage of alcohol will also remove the chemicals that if stayed behind could damage your furniture. After this take some sand paper and sand up the whole upholstery. Spray colour on it and make sure it’s even. Restoration of colour is an important step of leather upholstery repair.

Scratch repair:

Scratches are the usual thing that happens to the leather upholstery and especially when you have the pets most specifically a cat. Scratch repair comes before colour restoration in the leather upholstery repair process. To remove scratch first we have to cut the extended edges of scratch and then rub sandpaper on it. After that apply leather binder on it and the again rub sand paper. Apply the colour on that patch to make it look even to the rest of the furniture.

Repair tore off leather upholstery:

Take a piece of any fabric (better if it is jeans and place are inside of the torn part. With the help of the strong glue stick the one edge to the fabric and then attach the other one in the same position. This way both the edges will be stick together. To cover that crack apply some colour on it and polish it.
Through above-described ways, you can perform leather upholstery repair process on your own.